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Interlocking Stone & Paver Stone

There are three main types of paver materials: natural, stone, brick and concrete. These come in hundreds of styles and colors. Your budget and where you want to use the pavers will help you decide which type to buy.

Natural Stone

  • Most common types of pavers are flagstone or fieldstone.
  • More expensive than bricks and concrete.
  • Limestone pavers are strong and often used for edging.
  • Travertine pavers retain their natural color and withstand weather; seldom need cleaning.
  • Absorbent, so often used for pool decks and other pool areas.
  • Natural stone not ideal for high-traffic areas because it can break under pressure.

Brick Pavers

  • Made of clay or concrete and aggregate and dyed to look like brick.
  • Wide variety of brick colors and textures.
  • Very strong and stain-resistant paving material.
  • Sealants can help prevent fading.
  • For permeable paver system, bricks can be laid with small gaps between them so water can drain through to sub-base.

Concrete Pavers

  • Made of molded concrete mixed with aggregate.
  • Available in a variety of colors and styles with interlocking patterns. 
  • Some concrete pavers dyed to look like brick.
  • Must be sealed to retain color.
  • Very strong and durable types of pavers.
  • Interlocking concrete pavers with small gaps between them allow water to drain through.
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